My Invisalign Ortho Sent my Trays Back to Invisalign is This Normal?

Ok, so today was supposedly my day I get my aligners and when I tried them on it seemed fine, just the usual pressure (I presume). After a while of talking with the Dental Assistants I noticed that my top aligner felt as if it were hanging off of my tooth, and felt awkward when I bit down. So I told them about it and they took more impressions and sent it back to Invisalign. So my question is How long will it take to get a new set of Aligners?

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Invisalign Trays Sent Back

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If the original trays did not fit your teeth properly, then YES, it is very normal for the dentist to take new impressions and have new trays made. The turnover time is anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

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