My Invisalign Attachment Fell Off, Now my Teeth Aren't Straight. Should I Get a Refund?

There is one incisor the needed major movement. There was an invisalign attachment placed on it but fell off as soon as I walked out of the doctor's office. I went back in to tell him it fell off and he said it was fine..."it happens". On my 15th out of 18 trays, I was getting frustrated that the tooth had NOT moved and he replaced the attachment. I'm on my last tray and that is the only tooth that hasn't moved and it's affecting my bite. Should I ask for a refund? I live more than 3 hours away!

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Trouble with invisalign

Attachments are used on difficult to move teeth...sure sounds like this is your case and so it is no surprise that the "bad" tooth still is not right.  You paid for a certain correction and you certainly should get to your doctor and see what he/she is going to do to resolve the problem before you ask for a refund!

Are you seeing a doctor with a lot of Invisalign experience (hopefully an orthodontist)...if not then this may be part of the problem

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Invisalign issues

With your invisalign you get refinements which can help fix problems that you are referring to.  Your dentists should offer you a refinement to correct the one bad tooth.  I would move in that direction first before asking your dentists for any money back. 



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