Would my insurance cover a gastric band or tummy tuck surgery?

I have been on medication for a long time that makes me gain weight. I've tried dieting and exercising and have managed to lose about 80 pounds, but my BMI is still an unhealthy 33, and now I am left with a lot of loose, sagging skin around my ribcage, lower stomach, thighs, upper arms, and breasts. Since my weight gain was caused by prescription medication, would my insurance help pay for surgery to correct the effects?

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Abdominplasty and insurance

I have had many patients have a tummy tuck covered by private insurance.  The criteria they look for are an overhanging pannus down into the pubic area as well as recurrent rashes/infections under the pannus.  Photographs and a letter to the insurance company from a board - certified plastic surgeon are necessary.

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Weight loss and tummy tuck

Congratulations on your weight loss. Unfortunately you will not know if insurance will cover any of these procedures until you check with the insurance company and get a consultation with a plastic surgeon. He will be able to assess your situation and do an insurance pre-certification. Every insurer will have their own criteria. 

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