Will my Incisions Under Breasts Heal on Their Own?

I am almost 3 weeks post op my insisions are under my breast. I am not putting any cream on them, will they heal on their own? My sutures are out. Now they feel tingly but also are running and hurt a little bit. Is this normal? My doctor didnt tell me to so anything special

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Incisions will heal

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Your incisions will heal on their own, and you can help the process by following your surgeon's care instructions. Keep the incisions clean and out of the sun. 

If you are experiencing a delayed rate of healing, please talk to your surgeon.

Incision healing

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The body want to heal incisions.  Surgeons try to create more favorable situations so that the body will heal more quickly.  Follow your surgeon's orders and you will likely heal well.

David Stoker, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Enhancement Surgery

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There is no proof you need to do anything for incisions to mature properly if closed properly, I use a silicone ointment just to speed things up but you could be ok doing nothing

Healing incisions under the breast

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I use these types of incisions all of the time and they heal very well- don't worry, and be patient- they will do fine, and no specific care is required.  Congratulations on your new breasts!

Incisions Under Breasts

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Your incisions will heal without any special attention except keeping them clean. Do not use a bra that might irritate the scars. Silicone scar gel sheeting is the only thing proven in the medical literature to reduce scarring. It has to be used for about 12 hours a day for 3 months to see an effect. Otherwise, if you just take good care of the scars they will heal on their own over time. It takes 12 months for final scar remodeling.

Richard J. Brown, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Incisions of breast

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For most patients, the incisions heal without complications. I usually recommend to patients to tape them for 3-6 weeks and then use a mild emollient to keep them from drying out.  Best to ask your surgeon what he prefers.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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How do I improve my breast scars?????

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You have asked a great question.  If you go to any drugstore and look in the section next to the bandaids, you will be overcome with the number of products out there that tout improved scarring.  My general recommendation for these products is that it won't hurt things.  How much it helps is questionable at best.  That being said, if my patient has a propensity towards poor wound healing, by all means I encourage silicone sheeting to be used postoperatively along with more frequent monitoring of the scar with early steroid injections should it become hypertrophic.

The best treatment for scars is time.

Will my Incisions Under Breasts Heal on Their Own?

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I am generally skeptical about scar treatments.

If anything really worked there would be a large body of evidence that such is the case.

If anything really worked every plastic surgeon on the planet would be all over it.

While there is the occasional scar that requires specific treatment, most scars do best when simply ignored.

Good luck!

Improving Breast Augmentation Scars

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Your incisions should be healed by 3 weeks and reach maximum strength by 6 weeks. I recommend scar massage with a silicone based cream to improve the quality of the scar.

Scott Farber, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 22 reviews

Breast Augmentation Incisions and Scar Creams

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   The incisions should be closed at about 3 weeks.  At about 6 weeks, the scar will be very strong.  This is the time when I usually allow patients to use whatever creams or strips they want.   I have not found steroid sheeting or any of the creams like Mederma to be better than any other.

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