Could my Injury Be Serious and Should I See a Doctor?

I fell face first up a stair case and broke my fall with my face right where the cartilage of my nose meets the upper lip. Since then I have been suffering from headaches, nose pain, and very bad vertigo. Could this be the cause? and what should I do? It Hurts and I am not getting any better after almost two weeks. It's been two weeks. There is no physical change to my appearance.

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Trauma to face

You could still have a fracture of the upper jaw bone or nose structures. Because of this, it is vital that you see your general physician as a first step.

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Trauma nose

Hi Thanks for the question.I just wonder how can this forum help your problem of trauma.What stopped you to go to the doctor and get treated after the investigation and diagnosis of the problem.Such forums can help only marginally those who are seeking elective surgery but for trauma of any kind I don't think this should be the way to go about it.I am sure your doctor will sort it out what ever it may be.Wishing you good luck.

Is your Injury Serious?

Thank you for your question.

Although forums such as realself are great for patients to get information, they should not replace good old fashioned patient examination and history.  Even though there is no physical damage, I would suggest that you see your doctor and possibly get a referral for imaging as well to make sure that all is well.

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