Do my incisions look normal for 1 week post op? (Photo)

So today has been one week after my BA. I got 550cc hp placed over the muscle through inframammary incision. Just yesterday (6 days PO) i kind of stretched back over to the side and my right side incision hurt. When i lightly push on the left cut it doesnt really hurt at all but when i lightly push on the right, it does hurts a little. Everyday after showering, i put neosporin on both cuts and cover them with gauze and tape. Are they looking normal for 1 week PO? The 1st pic is the one hurting.

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Call your surgeon

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When you are concerned about how you are healing after surgery, your surgeon's office is the best place to contact.  You trust them, they want to know when you are concerned, they will see you if needed (or have you send your photos) and advise you in treatment (for example I would not use neosporin as it can retard wound healing).  There is nothing unusual about slight bruising and discomfort after breast augmentation.

Boston Plastic Surgeon

Pain one week after breast augmentation

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Thank you for your inquiry about pain in your sutures after your breast augmentation.

Your surgery was 1 week ago. The strength of the healing is still weak. It sounds as though you may have pulled an internal suture, causing pain and perhaps some bruising.

The photo shows nothing abnormal - the slight bruising is common after breast augmentation.

Whenever you have pain or another concern so soon after surgery, you should contact your breast augmentation plastic surgeon to discuss the pain and arrange to be seen, if necessary. Best wishes.

Bruised incisions after breast augmentation

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Based on your photograph one week after breast augmentation I do see ecchymosis and bruising around the incision.

This can be within normal limits, however since you're having pain it is very important that you call your plastic surgeon and return to see the doctor to be examined.

Normal looking incisions one week after breast augmentation.

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Redness and swelling accompanied with a bit of bruising around a post operative breast augmentation incision is completely normal.

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