Will My Incision Scar Get Worse from the Stitches Coming Through My Incision?

hi I had a TT and full mr on march 8th. Everything has been great except the stitches that are coming through my incision. They are very small hard and kinda sharp. They are leaving hard knots in my scar and I am afraid they will mess up my scar. My next appointment with my ps is on June 11. Can I wait until then or do I need to go sooner. These stitches have been here for over a month. They removed 3 at my last visit but one of them is still in there along with the other 4 I have now.

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Protruding Sutures

Some people make suture abscesses or "spit" sutures as their body is dissolving the sutures. Clipping or pulling out the offending suture can speed up the healing process. Massage can also help the sutures to dissolve and can positively influence the healing process. You should see your surgeon so these areas can be assessed and treated (with clipping for example).

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Spitting stitches

If you have a spitting stitch coming through the skin, you should see your plastic surgeon who can clip it. I would not wait a month until your scheduled appointment. The fee for the surgery includes followup and you shouldn't feel compelled to wait and be uncomfortable If removed, this should not affect the outcome of the scar.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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