Does my Incision Look Like It is Healing Ok? (photo)

I am six days post op. My doctor told me unless I have signs of infections ex. Fever chills puss from incision it is fine. Well I can't tell because of the sterile strips. It hurts when I move and is sore to the touch. Is this just because of the bruising? Any advice would help. 425cc high profile

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Is my incision healing

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Congratulations on your surgery! It's hard to tell from your photo because of the steri-strip. I see a little redness outside of the steri-strip but if you aren't experiencing any of the symptoms of an infection, I wouldn't worry. I would keep an eye on it and make sure you discuss your concerns with your surgeon at your next follow up appointment. If you are still concerned, go see your surgeon so your incision can be checked and your mind put to ease, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! ac

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Healing of breast augmentation Incision

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Thank you for your picture. It is hard to tell if the incision is healing well with the steri-strip still on. The best thing to do is revisit with your surgeon.

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Breast Augment

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Looks a little red but with no fever you likely dont have an infection. Go see your PS and ask kim or her to remove the strip and see what is going on

Is doesn't appear infected at this point.

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Hello laurenllandon,

Thanks for your question.  From the picture you posted, the incision has a mild amount of redness superiorly but that doesn't necessarily  indicate infection.  If you continue to be concerned, I would recommend you go see your surgeon to have the steristrips removed and the incision examined.  You can retape the incision if all is well.

Good luck,

Dr. Shah

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