Are my Implants Too Low? (photo)

My implants seem way too low on my torso. My surgeon says they look natural. They're 460 cc round saline bi planar, 34DD is my result. I'm 5'10 with a long torso. I find my shoulders everyday aching to push them up just so their in the normal placement. Prior to augment I was 34 B. I can't wear shirts or dresses with seams below the breast line because it rides on the bottom of my breast. I have no upper pole fullness. wore a bra 24/7 the first year as recommended, 15 months post surgery.

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Implant position looks okay to me.

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The position of the implants look okay in relation to your nipple.  If the implants were higher, your would have a double bubble deformity.  If you want a perkier look, you would likely benefit from a breast lift which would tighten your breast and raise your nipples along with the implant.  If your tissues and implant pocket felt really loose, you would likely benefit from acellular dermal matrix placement which acts like an internal bra. 

By the way, you do look natural.  It's natural for large breasts to sag. Gravity: it's the law


Dr, Lisa Lynn Sowder

Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Low Riding Implants

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I am sorry for your dissatisfaction with your breast augmentation results.  I would like to see preoperative photographs if they are available; the answer to why your breasts look the way they do now may be found there.

Regardless, your implants will need to be repositioned and a breast lift performed. Reoperative plastic surgery of the breasts is more complex than primary breast augmenation and you should find a surgeon that is a breast surgery specialist, who performs all aspects of aesthetic breast surgery and revision surgery of the breast.

Best of luck.

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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If you had upper pole fullness, you would have a "Snoopy dog" deformity.

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Your right breast (left side in the self-photo) has bottomed out slightly, causing a mild "double-bubble" deformity, but your left breast implant is in proper position behind your breast tissue. Higher implant position would have the effect of making your nipple point downwards, as well as giving you a ptotic (droopy) breast hanging from a too-high breast mound (a "Snoopy-dog" deformity).

Other than the slight bottoming out on your right side, your surgeon is right about your having a natural appearance, especially for someone who started with what likely was a moderate degree of sagging and loose deflated breast skin pre-operatively. To correct your slight bottoming out will require re-operation with internal sutures to raise your inframammary pocket position. Otherwise, you will need bilateral breast lift with much more visible scarring and cost.

Only a full Wise pattern (anchor pattern) mastopexy (breast lift) will tighten your skin brassiere and give you more upper pole fullness while maintaining proper implant position centered behind your nipple/areola complexes. But with your natural skin elasticity and moderately large implants, over time you can expect to return to this similar pattern of teardrop-shaped, somewhat ptotic breast appearance. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Only some type of lifting or re operation with Acellular dermal mattrices or fat grafting or a combination is needed. Sorry for your issues. 


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From your pictures everything looks as it should the implants were placed right behind your areolas. If you’re looking to have more superior fullness you should possibly get a lift and some stitches  on your fold to help the implants stay up. Without knowing your history or having before picture it’s hard to give you accurate information. You should go over your options with your surgeon.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Bottomed out implants

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At least on the lower side your implant has bottomed out and is well below the natural infra mammary fold whose memory you can still see in the lower pole.  You could revise this but no non-surgical methods will change this.  

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