Why Do My Implants Look the Same when I Added 143cc? (photo)

Hi, A few weeks ago I was worry and wondering if going from 390cc to 550cc was going to make me look "fake", I had my surgery 18 days ago and instead of looking fake I thing I look the same and not change is showing; at the same time I had lipo of my lower abdomen and flanks and this should even help me to look bigger on the top ( I think...) but I don't see a big difference; I'm 5 9' and 140 pounds and the implants are under the muscle. Thanks Cindy

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Implants after revision

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At least from your photos, you look larger. Of course an exam in person and reviewing your pre-op photos would be best.  

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Why Do My Implants Look the Same when I Added 143cc

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The photos are not taken from the same angle, and the arms are positioned differently in each photo,  so they are somewhat less than ideal for comparison, but I do see a difference. Have some patience, allow some more time to pass, and look at the pre-op and post-op photos in your surgeon's office and I am quite certain the difference will be quite apparent. 

Thanks for the question and best wishes.

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