Will My Implants Still Look The Same After My Last Baby?

I already have 2 children, then i had my breast enlargement 7 months ago, 410 unders. I was advised not to get pregnant for at least a year. But when i do get pregnant again, once iv had the baby are they likely to sag or get smaller? Or alter in other ways? I have 5 year guarantee my surgeon says hes happy to fix - but how would they be fixed, an uplift? Larger implant to fill them out? Thankyou

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Breast implants and pregnancy

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All bets are off so to speak when a patient becomes pregnant. There is no way to predict exactly how the breast skin and volume will change with the pregnancy and how your body will compensate when your weight returns to its baseline.

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Implants post pregnancy

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Thank you for your question.

It is difficult to fully predict what changes your breasts will go
through following another pregnancy. In general, augmented breasts
mantain more of their shape and volume post pregnancy. However, there
is still a possibility of some sagging or change in size. Certain
factors such as severe weight gain or loss, smoking or tanning can
contribute to more sagging.

Good luck!

Dr. Sam Speron

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Pregnancy May Change Augmented Breasts

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It is likely that a future pregnancy will cause some change to appearance of your augmented breasts.  The degree of engourgement that you saw with your previous 2 pregnancis is a good predictor of what you might have with a third pregnancy.  If you have a lot of stretching of the breast skin, this will likely result in some increased sagging.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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Breast Appearance after Last Baby?

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Thank you for the question.

The exact change a specific patient's breasts will undergo during or after pregnancy is not predictable. Some common changes seen with the breasts  after pregnancy include " involutional  hypoplasia" (breasts  become smaller)  and/or breast ptosis (" drooping"). The changes the breasts experience may be related to genetic factors, skin elasticity changes, hormonal effects, and/or weight gain/loss around the time of pregnancy.

The changes that the overlying breast tissue and/or skin undergo after pregnancy may  cause the breast implant to appear “changed” after the pregnancy. For example, if the patient loses breast tissue volume after pregnancy, the breast implant may become more exposed and the patient may feel (rippling)  or see the implant more so than before pregnancy.

I ask my  patients to follow up with me  approximately 3 months after they have stopped breast-feeding to evaluate the breasts  and the underlying breast implants.  sometimes patients do not require further surgery;  sometimes patients benefit from reaugmentation,  correction of implant positioning problems and/or  breast lifting.

I hope this helps.

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