Will Having my Implants Replaced Bring Back the Look I Had Before my Baby? (photo)

I had BA surgery 5 years ago with saline implants. I loved the firm round look. Since breast feeding my baby 3 years ago they are softer and not the firm round look I had before. I still wear padded bra's to get the look I want. If I had my implants replaced with larger would I get the firm round and larger look I want? Replace with silicone or saline? Will recovery be easier this time? I lost feeling in one nipple with my first BA, is my other nipple at lower risk if I re do them?

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Replacing implants after pregnancy

Larger implants will give you firmer breasts but they will be larger and not pre baby size
Sensation can change with any breast surgery

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Breast implants

It is not unusual for implants to lose their firmness over time from stretching of the skin as occurs in pregnancy and breast feeding.  The mistake some women and their surgeons often make is thinking the problem can always be addressed with larger implants. Often, the issue needs to be treated with lifting the breasts to tighten the skin.  Your photos show that you have developed ptosis, or drooping, of the breasts, but they're not too bad.  However, if your try to deal with it by simply changing to larger implants, you will  likely cause even more sagging.  If the main problem is rippling of the implants, which sometimes occurs with saline, then replacing them with silicone is a reasonable option.

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Breast revision surgery

You should be able to achieve a firmer result if you were to go with larger implants. The choice of saline or silicone is yours but in a thin woman such as you, silicone will give a more natural feel.Removal and replacement is typically less uncomfortable because your muscle is already stretched from the first surgery. The possibility of decreased sensation does exist but it depends on how much larger of an implant you change to.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Edwards 

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Having your implants replaced with bigger implants will give you the results your looking for. without an exam its hard to give you an accurate advise. You should see a Certified Plastic Surgeon to get your options. Having a lift with implants is another options, the recovery should be easier since the muscle has been removed before.

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Will Having my Implants Replaced Bring Back the Look I Had Before my Baby?

Thanks for posting the time series of photos. Yes replacement with either type of implants, I prefer silicone. The recovery should be easier due to the pocket is are ready there. Yes the risk IN my opinion increases if using the areolar incision again. 

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Nipple sensation loss minimal

Based on your photographs, it is difficult to say with certainty if you would achieve the results you want. The surgery and recovery are usually much easier than the first time. If only an implant exchange is performed, the chances of loss of sensation to your other nipple would be minimal.

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Breast revision after pregnancy

You have lost volume and have some sagging. Without a consultation, I cannot determine whether a larger implant would be sufficient or if a lift will ultimately be required. If you are contemplating more children, you may want to wait until your family is complete.

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Pre pregnancy breast look

It actually looks like your breasts are larger now but droopier than before your pregnancy.  If you just go with a larger implant, they will still sag.  Exchange to saline overfilled high profile will give you the round look you prefer, but I would suggest a periareolar mastopexy as well.

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Post Pregnancy Changes to Breast Augmentation

From your photos, it appears that you have had some normal post-pregnancy changes with a bit of softening of the "look" of your augmentation. This is likely a normal occurrence.  To make the changes you are requesting will likely require additional volume/larger implants. Silicone implants are the best option for a natural and soft appearance, but saline will produce a firmer look and feel. There are some negatives as you might have seen with the saline implants - implants are easily felt and there can be rippling seen through the skin. The recovery from this type of procedure should be much less than your original and the nipple risk should be about the same as the first procedure as space would need to be made for the larger implant.

You should see a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to get a formal opinion through and in-person consultation.

Best of luck,

Vincent Marin, MD
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Vincent P. Marin, MD
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Implant replacement

Thank you for the question and the the photos. It is difficult to determin what procedure you need from the photo provided. What you need is in person consultation to determin what is best for you. In general, you could get a biggest implant to get a firmer breast, you can get silicone implant, you may lose the sensation in the other nipple especially if capsule tommy or lift is performed. As for recovery, it will depend on what procedure you get. And in general, exchange of implant recovery is usually easier than the initial surgery. 

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