My Implants Have Gotten Noticably Smaller Since September 2011?

I had my breasts done with saline in September of 2011 and the past two weeks they have become noticably smaller what can be causing this.

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Breasts smaller after implants

Sometimes, having implants can cause the native breast tissue to atrophy. However, this is usually a gradual process and most don't ever notice this. If your breast have become noticably smaller, this could be due to a leakage of the saline implants. This usually happens on one side only, though.  Another thought is that it could be because of hormonal changes. This could cause the "noticable" difference you mentioned. A thorough exam by your original surgeon, or a board-certified plastic surgeon, should help sort this out. Good Luck.

Breast Implants Appear Smaller Recently?

Thank you for the question.

In order to answer your question accurately I would need to know what you mean by “noticeably smaller”. If it is a relatively minor change then is very likely that it is not your breast implants getting smaller but your breasts changing (for example with hormonal changes and/or weight change). If the implants have significantly changed in size then you may be dealing with leakage ( this would be extremely unusual to have bilateral saline breast implant leakage after breast augmentation done less than one year ago).

If you are really concerned, in-person consultation with your plastic surgeon will be more helpful than online consultation.

Best wishes.

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