I Had my Implants Done in Bogota, Colombia. Will the Warranty Apply Here in the USA or Do I Have to Fly Back to my Surgeon?

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Implant Brand

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You'll need to ask your original surgeon what type of implants you received. If they are FDA approved and available for public use in the US, then the warranty may apply. If they are not FDA approved, then you'll have to fly back to your surgeon.

Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Foreign Implants

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The answer to your question will depend on what implant brand was used and whether any warranty is applicable. In the USA, there are only 3 FDA approved manufactures of implants and the warranties only cover implant deflation. If you have one of these brands and the implants are leaking, your warranty may apply. If you received an implant card from your surgeon, this will provide the information on manufacturer and there may be a phone number to contact the company to get answers to your questions.

Breast Implant Warranty

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It's impossible to say without knowing the implant brand. If it's a brand not approved by the FDA for use in the US then the warranty is useless because a US based surgeon will not be able to legally obtain and place a non US FDA approved replacement implant.

The US implant companies warranty their devices against defects, and will replace the device with a like device if it fails. They may also pay for some of the surgeon fees to replace for a set period of time. The implant companies used to charge extra for this coverage.

This is an obvious risk of surgery out of the country surgery. You may also want to check and see if you have the recalled silicone PIP implants (French company). These were never approved for use in the US.

Implants abroad...

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If your implants were manufactured here, your warranty should be fine, regardless of where you had them placed. 

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Too late

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You should have found out before you had surgery out of the country. Do you even know what the manufacturer of the implants is? This is one reason why medical tourism can be harmful to your health. Remember, you get what you pay for.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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I Had my Implants Done in Bogota, Colombia. Will the Warranty Apply Here in the USA or Do I Have to Fly Back to my Surgeon?

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The warranty, if applicable at all in the US would cover only a leaking implant, but no other issues. Calling the implant manufacturer would be the best way to find out what you want to know. I would expect the coverage would be limited to the nation where the product was sold. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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