My Implants Are Heavy and I Want to Remove Them. I Went from a 34C to a 34DD?

I had a breast augmentation after 4 children because my breasts were saggy. I went from a 34c to a 34 DD and I hate them!. they are so heavy and hurt my back when I run. I want to remove them but I am so scared how saggy I will be. My augmentation was 7 yrs ago and they defently got bigger. My weight has gone up about 7 pounds since surgery. Can I get a breast lift at the same time of removal? because I do not want to go under anesthesia twice. ?

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Removing Heavy Implants

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Thank you for your question. You can get a breast lift at the time of removal, and discuss what cup size you would want to be after explant, and you and the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can determine your goals. I hope this helps.

Breast Implant Removal and Breast Lift at the Same Time

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  If you are opposed to going under anesthesia twice, the breast lift can be performed at the same time after the implants are removed.  Alternatively, the removal of the implants can be performed with local anesthesia alone and a waiting period observed to determine how the tissue contracts.  The breast lift performed later can be performed under general, if necessary.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Breast lift at same time as removal of implants?

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A lift can sometimes be performed at the same time as implant removal if there is enough breast tissue available to pexy.

Breasts too big, saggy, heavy

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There are some good responses here already but perhaps I can provide some perspective. Breast implants are not "heavy". They weigh the same or even less than breast tissue (though not fat). Women who are DD size often complain of the weight of their breasts and request a breast reduction as a medically necessary and insurance covered procedure. Breast implants are also just pillows. They do not lift the breast when put in and do not make it sag when they are taken out. They may LOOK more or less saggy though. Breasts sag and change size/shape because of hereditary factors, weight changes, pregnancy effects, and the passage of time. 

Implant removal can potentially be done simply under local anesthesia. The problem is knowing what the breast shape and size will look like. I show patients pictures of patients as we do for considering putting them in. It is also possible to downsize the existing implants and lose forward (projection) but not width of the implant. The issue of a lift is separate and depends on other factors besides the implant volume. 

Although implant removal can be done at the same time as a lift procedure, it is difficult to control and judge the result just as it is when doing an augmentation and lift at the same time. It may be best to remove the implants and then see if you really want or feel you need the lift. Even breast lifts can be done without the need for general anesthesia these days but control over the result and getting what you're expecting is the real issue. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
Boulder Plastic Surgeon

I want to remove my breast implants

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Thanks for your question.


On reviewing your concerns, I would suggest one of two options:

  • Removal of your breast implants with a breast lift
  • Downsizing of your breast implants with a breast lift

The downside of removing your implants entirely is that you may lose much of the shape of your breasts along with volume to the upper pole.  I often recommend to patients that they simply downsize to remove some of the weight and then undergo a lift at the same time to help reshape the breast tissue around this smaller implant.  


Regardless of your decision with the implant, I would strongly urge you to have a breast lift at the same time given how large your breasts are.  For smaller breasts, I will often wait 6 months to see if a lift is necessary.  But, again, in your case I would predict that you will need the lift.  


I hope that helps!

My Implants Are Heavy and I Want to Remove Them

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In most settings you can get a lift at the same time.  The exception would be if your surgeon feels that you don't need a lift. However, if your breasts were sagging before the implants were placed, you probably will need one. 

This is a fairly commonly done combination procedure. 

Thanks for your question, best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Revision Breast Surgery - Implant Removal

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Over time our breast and body change.  In addition a patients body image and goals can change.  It sound like with the weight gain and years, the breasts are larger and saggier than you would like.  Removing the implants is an easy procedure.  I perform breast lift after removal quite frequently.  It can almost always be performed under a single anesthesia.  Make sure the surgeon you choose has extensive experience in revisional breast surgery.  Ask to see pictures.  Hope this helps.  Good Luck!

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