Will my implants fluff out more at 4 weeks? (photo)

Hi! I got 390cc HP silicone gel unders about 4 weeks ago, I did a quick measurement on myself to determine how big I am right now (cup size) it came back as 10DD (Australian size) so my question is will my implants fluff out more because I would like them to be a little bigger, I do still need to drop a little bit, could that also affect what size I'll end up being? Thank you :-)

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You breast will change little more over time

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At 4 weeks you still don't see full final results.  Your breasts will continue to change a little (not a lot) over the next 3-4 months.  However, when it comes to cup size, because most of the swelling is gone, I would not expect much of a change in your volume, just change in shape and position of your implants

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Wait three to four months then discuss with your surgeon

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When implants are first inserted, they sit high up because your tissues are tight and gravity hasn't taken effect. Over time, natural tissue expansion occurs to allow the implants to fall into place. By this time, your breasts will have taken on a more natural contour, where the lower breasts become softer and rounder. Please wait at least four months for this to happen.This process tends to occur sooner in one breast than the other, so don't be alarmed if you find that your left drops before the right or vice versa.

Implant size

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Thank you for your breast implant question.

  • As time goes by, your implants will settle lower on your chest wall,
  • The position will look more natural,
  • The size will not increase but as the muscle relaxes there will be more lower show of the implant.
  • Hope this helps. Best wishes.

Breast implant changes after surgery

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Thank you for your question.  Yes, there will still be changes up to several months out from surgery.  As the tissues relax and the implants settle from the effects of gravity, you will get more projection in the lower part of the breast.  What ultimately determines cup size is the projection of the breast off the chest wall at the level of the nipple.  Thus, you may ultimately get a little more "fluff" out of the lower aspect of the breast as things settle.  

Best of luck.

Brian C. Reuben, MD
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Breast implants will continue to adjust or "fluff" for the first 3 months after augmentation

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Thank you for your question.  The answer is yes, 4 weeks is very early after breast augmentation beneath the chest muscle.  Your implants will definitely changed shape over the next 2 months and as they drop beneath the nipple areola they often will look larger.

Implants to get bigger?

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Thank you for your picture.  It is unlikely that your implants will become larger as the weeks pass.  

Earl Stephenson, Jr, MD, DDS, FACS

Will my implants fluff out more at 4 weeks?

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation procedure.  I believe that the phenomenon of “dropping and fluffing” is real; it occurs several weeks to several months after breast augmentation surgery.  The breasts appear larger as the implants "settle" lower on the chest wall. The nipple/areola complexes appear higher on the breast mounds as this occurs. Best wishes. 

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