Why do my implants fall to the side when lying down? (Photo)

I had a revision 10 months after BA to correct my right implant falling below the muscle and to improve cleavage. Also before the revision my implants would fall to the side when lying down. After the revision everything looked good for about 3 months then the implants slowly started to move and now 10 months out and the right breast is lower again, I still don't have cleavage and they still fall to the side when lying down. Why didn't the revision work?

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Internal bra for implant support with revision

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Natural breasts that are large enough will also fall to the side when lying down, but there are options to consider when implants do the same. The pectoral muscle only covers the upper portion of the implant and can actually push implants down and to the side. The skin envelope is often not strong enough to resist this (plus the weight of the implants) so the tissue thins and weakens. An internal bra using SERI Scaffold, Strattice, or GalaFLEX mesh is a very good solution for this. It appears from the photos that you may benefit from a lift as well so please keep an open mind about that option.

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Implants fall to the side.

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It is not totally unusual for breast implants to fall to the side while you're lying down. If this is excessive and requires correction then correction can occur in various ways. The correction that was used in your case has not held up. I would recommend STRATTICE for your next correction. 

Good luck.

Earl Stephenson Jr MD DDS FACS

Breast augmentation

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your soft tissue envelope stretched out again. you need textured implants and an internal fixation like a mesh to make the pocket smaller and keep the implant on your chest

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Why do my implants fall to the side when lying down?

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You had pre operative asymmetry that was never addressed in all the operations. Thus you would need additional surgery to correct. As for lateral displacement, either the lateral pocket was to large or this is the anatomic type of breasts you have. The cleavage issue goes hand and hand with the previous issue... 

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