Are my implants dropping normally? (photos)

Hi I'm Stefanie. I had breast augmentation and lift done on March 13th with dr. Sylvan Bartlett in Odessa Texas. I live in Chicago but had surgery in Odessa due to my family living there and they paid for it. The surgeon said it would take 12 weeks to see full results. I'm not completely happy with them. The surgeon seems to believe that once the implant settles, that they will lift up more. I have no idea if they will turn out correct. Or should I be concerned at all! Thank you!

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Return to your surgeon and discuss your results

Please return to your surgeon to discuss your results. Although it takes about 4 months before you can better assess your results, it appears that you probably won't get the results you want due to significant sagging and inaccurate implant positioning. 

Poor Breast Lift and Implant result

While some of my colleagues would sugar coat this and say that you need to be patient, etc, I will be more blunt. Your results are not the results that any of us would be proud of and I would be surprised if your surgeon truly feels that they will be fine with a little more time. You need a revision to tighten the skin envelop that is hanging over the implant. You may also need to have the implant dropped a little. Speak to your surgeon if you are still comfortable with him, or seek another surgeon. 

Implants dropping normally after augmentation and lift

It appears you about 2 months since the time of your surgery. The implants look like they are sitting higher on your chest wall than they should. They may drop a little bit over time as your tissues soften and mature but you will likely need revisionary surgery at the appropriate time. Best advice is to return to your operating surgeon to have them evaluate you and discuss options going forward. Good luck!

Breast still droopy

Your breasts' appearance is because the skin of the breast was not tailored enough in the lift and the implant was placed under the muscle. So, the breast remains droopy and the chest looks like you've worked out your pect muscle too much. To correct the problem 2 things must be done, 1. Raise the  breast by removing more skin from either side of the vertical scar which drops from the nipple to the fold. This will raise the breast. 2. The fullness of the upper chest is due to placement of the implant under the pectoral muscle, basically this augments the muscle. If the breast is high enough on the chest wall the breast appears larger, so the mastopexy revision may solve the problem, but you may require replacement of the implant over the muscle instead. 
Fortunately this a totally correctable problem.

Joel Aronowitz, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift and implants

Not everyone gets a home run off the bat. Breast lifts with implants are very complicated procedures and sometimes revisions are necessary. It looks like you fall into this catergory. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Poor result

Thank you for your pictures. I'm sorry say that this is totally unacceptable result. Your implants will never catch her breast or vice versa. You will definitely need to have a revision augmentation and a revision lift to gain better breast shape, size and volume.


 Your breast appearance seems to show that your implants are situated high on your chest wall, while your breasts are falling off the implant and are ptotic or droopy.  This "double bubble"  appearance may very well require a mastopexy or a droopiness repair in the future. I would suggest you visit your plastic surgeon for further advice and consultation.

John M. Griffin, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Your situation may improve a bit over the next few months and the prudent idea is to wait.  Having said that, I think these results will not improve greatly and a revision will likely be needed in the future.  Please discuss your concerns/results with your PS.

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Are my implants dropping normally?

Unfortunately they are NOT dropping and the lifting appears as a very very conservative lift. Only revision surgery can help. 

Will My Implants Drop?

  Dear Stefanie,  Your photos are helpful and it appears that you have a ways to go for them to "settle". That being said, it can take several months for your final cosmetic appearance. If they are not to your liking, Revision may be needed to position your implant lower in the skin envelope and/or lifting the breat tissue higher on your implant. For now, try to be patient and keep in touch with your surgeon. Best wishes. #Dr.Gervais

Douglas L. Gervais, MD
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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