Will my Implants Drop and Look Normal? (photo)

It's been 2 wks ago and had a lift and 330cc implants I am freaking out b/c my right breast is high went for my one week check up & doctor was very pleased with my results! They sent me home with a strap and a massage technique to make the right one drop I have been doing for the past week and still not seeing results I would like to.Please tell me they will drop and look normal My doctor has assured me they will and 2 wks is way to quick to judge But how long can I plan on it being so high?

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Post op

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I agree with your surgeon and you are very early in the recovery period. I tell my patients to expect 40% of the swelling to decrease by 4 weeks.

New York Plastic Surgeon

High-riding breast implants are common after breast augmention

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A submuscular breast implant is compressed by the pectoralis muscle that is in spasm, compressing it into the upper portion of the implant pocket - as the muscle thins and relaxes with time (2-3 months) the implant will 'drop' into position. We all see this with our patients, and offer reassurance.

Will my Implants Drop and Look Normal?

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Almost certainly, yes. Submuscular implants often appear to high for the early post op period. If they looked right to your surgeon at the end of surgery, the chances are they will look right when they settle into place, usually by 3 months. It is somewhat more common for the right side to look higher in a right handed patient. 

Thanks for your question, and the photos are helpful. Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implants need time to settle and drop

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Two weeks is still very early! It can take up to three months for the skin to soften and the implants to settle into position. Give it time, be patient, and trust your surgeon. Good luck and enjoy your new augmentation!

4 months for breasts to drop usually

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Your breasts will gradually round out at the bottom for a more natural appearance, and the won't sit so high up. Usually, women with tighter skin and who haven't had children will experience a slower rate of dropping. This takes about 4 months.

2 Weeks for Implants to Drop?

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   2 weeks is really too early to judge this with submuscular implants, and this drop may occur over 3 or 4 months.  Massage can help with this process.  Kenneth Hughes, MD HughesPlasticSurgery Los Angeles, CA

Don't freak out. You need reassurance.

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Thanks for sharing and the photos. Breast implant the ride a bit high after surgery are normal. In time they should settle nicely. Follow up closely with your PS for these concerns. Thanks, Dr. Aldo.

Implant Settling

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Thank you for your question.

Your surgeon is most likely  correct, two weeks is too soon to determine the final implant placement. Generally speaking implants take three to six months to fully settle into place.  Soft tissue swelling and tightness in the pectoralis muscle can all contribute to the implants sitting a bit high.  Give your self some more time.  You should begin to see improvements in position as the weeks proceed. In our San Francisco area practice we provide patients with guidance regarding the post-op course.

Once the implants are fully settled, if one is still higher than the other surgery is required to create desired symmetry. Again, that distinction cannot be made at this point and time is required for the final appearance.

 I hope this helps.

2 weeks post-op

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At only 2 weeks out from your surgery, it really is "too early to tell".  Using the bandeau strap is a good idea.  The vast majority of implants drop into place properly over about 2 - 3 months, and the risk of a implant that doesn't drop down is small.  Hang in there...try to be patient.

Breast Implants Settle and Drop into Position 6 Weeks to 3 Months Post-op

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It is very likely that your implants will drop and become more even with time. Two weeks is very early in the post-operative course. Most surgeons would not consider the implants to be at their final settled position until 6 weeks to 3 months post op.

Post-operative implant massage is important. Follow your surgeon's recommendations and I'm confident you will be pleased with the results.

David P. Stapenhorst, MD
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

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