My Implants Are to Close Together? What is the Dimpling Effect?

I had a breast enlargement and the implant are next to each other, I have to have them done again, this had happened because the surgeon has put them to close.. He told me that if I have them done again I will have a dimpling effected in the middle . What does this look like and is it really noticeable and will i always have the dimpling effect ?

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Implants that are too close to each other can be separated

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with more surgery and even possibly require changing the diameter of your implants.  If your surgeon is worried about dimpling, it can imply several things from inadequate tissue coverage (where other procedures can be done to alleviate this) or traction dimpling from the sutures used to anchor the skin back down to your chest wall between the mounds.  The traction marks should diminish as the sutures dissolve or stretch out if related to sutures.  You should discuss this at length with your surgeon and ensure you have a full understanding of what will happen when you have your revision.  You should, by now, also know what the revision policy of that doctor is as they vary from doctor to doctor.  Good luck with achieving your desired result.

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Breast implants too close together

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It sounds like your surgeon may have made the pockets for the implants too close together or may have used implants with a base diameter that does not fit your chest measurements.  It is not possible to be sure without seeing a picture.  I am not sure what he is referring to when he says you may have a dimpling effect.  Sometimes, patients may have a temporary dimpling in the skin when this condition is treated surgically, but it generally smooths out as things heal.  Ask to see photos of real patients that he has treated or seek the opinion of a board certified plastic surgeon with experience with this condition.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

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