Should I Get my Implant Removed?

I was in an accident two weeks ago where my two front teeth got knocked out. They have since been fitted back in ok but I also have a dental implant next to them that I think might be damaged. It seemed ok to start with because it did not take the brunt of the impact but a day or two after the accident I noticed that it seemed like it was moving around a bit. It sort of clicks to the side a little bit when I put some pressure on it.

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Clicking Implant

Sorry to hear about your accident.  If the implant is clicking and there is no pain, the screw that holds the crown in may have fractured.  Have it evaluated by your dentist or surgeon to verify. 

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Removal of damaged implant

The implant should be evaluated for the following and removed if present:

1. Fracture of the screw inside the implant (abutment screw) that is not retrievable

2. Fracture of the implant itself

In absence of above, it may be the crown that is loose. In this case the abutment may be tightened with a new screw and either use the same crown if not damaged or fabricate a new one.


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Should I remove the implant?

Sometimes the loose implant is only the crown portion or abutment and the implant is fine a radiograph and exam would clear it up and maybe you will only need to repair or replace the fixture portion and not the whole implant good luck



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You should go to a dentist who has extensive training in Implant dentistry determine what is going on with implant.  There are many possibilties.  As a resuerlt of the accident, you may have fractured the bone that surrounds the implant.  An X-ray can determine that.  you mhaveay have broken the screw that holding the cap in the implant.  Or the screw that hoe cap may have loosen up. You do not have to remove the implant for the last two possibilties. An experienced dental implant specialist can usually fix these problems.

Removing an implant that has been there for than six month and is well integrated is not an easy propostion.  Probably one of the hardest thing 

Implant Removal

I suggest you see the original implant surgeon as soon as possible. He would have the original X-rays and records for comparison. If not possible, then get to any implant surgeon or periodontist to X-ray & examine for possible fracture in the fixture or implant screw.

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You need to consult your dentist

The condition that you have explained needs some more information before suggesting anything. it may be possible that you have a fracture of the alveolar bone around the implant, or the implant abutment may have fractured, or may the implant itself may have fractured. you need to have a radiograph done and a thorough examination by the dentist to reach a diagnosis. and whether you should get your implant removed depends upon diagnosis . Dr. Gaurav K Goel MDS

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