My Hysterectomy/tuck Incision Never Healed in One Pea-Sized Spot, And Has Now Been Festering out Stitches. What To Do?

Surgery was done 6 months ago and stitches are coming out every 2 weeks or so. Both doctors have said they only used dissolvable stitches. Any insight on what should be done?!? The plastic surgeon has said he will fix the 3 inch section but how do I know this won't keep happening?

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Incision Problem

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I would like to know if actual sutures are still coming out, or is it that the incision keeps reopening and draining?  If there are still sutures "spitting", you probably need to wait it out then revise the scar with different suture material.  If there is no suture material, but the wound keeps reopening, you might benefit from a wound exploration.  Your plastic surgeon is probably the one best able to make this determination.

Incision Problems after Tummy Tuck?

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Thank you for the question.

Although both doctors may have used dissolvable sutures,  some sutures may take close to 8 months to dissolve (for example PDS suture).  If these types of sutures were used,  they may be the culprit in your case. If scar revision surgeries planned,  other types of sutures may be used instead.

I hope this helps.

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