My Husbad Hit my Breast With His Foot And They Feel Softer, Could He Have Damaged Results?

My Husbad Hit my Breast With His Foot And They Feel Softer, Could He Have Damaged Results?

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My Husbad Hit my Breast With His Foot And They Feel Softer, Could He Have Damaged Results?

What he may have done is what we used to do in the past, which was called a "Closed Capsulotomy". Doctors used to squeeze the breast really hard and try and crack the capsule surrounding the implant. It made the breast instantly softer, but rarely stayed that way. I have had patients do this as well from a fall skiing. Many times there is an accompanying "pop" felt as well...But overall, no harm..

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See your surgeon just in case

This may have caused scar tissue around the implant to release. You may want to see your surgeon just in case the kick didn't cause any damage.

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Breast Augmentation - My Husbad Hit my Breast With His Foot And They Feel Softer, Could He Have Damaged Results?

He hit one breast and they both feel softer?  Or are you saying he hit BOTH breasts?

Either way, it sounds like you may have had some capsules (scar tissue around the breasts) and the force of his kick(s) broke some of the scar tissue.  This is conceptually similar to the way these capsules used to be treated.  A "Closed Capsulotomy" was a procedure in which sharp, direct force was applied to the affected breast in an attempt to break the scar tissue.  Although this was sometimes successful it was not without problems, including bleeding, infection, asymmetry, distortion and (though this is less of an issue for the average patient!) injuries to the surgeon's hands.  For those reasons it it no longer a part of the normal armamentarium.

You should contact your plastic surgeon to be sure everything's okay.  It would be great if your husband accidentally - if successfully - treated you with an obsolete treatment.  But I don't think you should make that decision on your own.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

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Kicked in the breast

It sounds like you had a tight capsule and the kick may have caused a closed capsulotomy or tear in the capsule allowing the implants to be a bit softer. Sometimes this is associated with bleeding. you may want to be checked out by your surgeon.

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Breast Augmentation and Trauma?

Thank you for the question.

Generally, it would take a serious trauma to damage breast implants.   You mention that "they" feel softer; did you sustain trauma to both breasts?

If you are concerned,  physical examination will be necessary.  if your implants are silicone gel breast implants,  MRI studies may be useful.

Best wishes.

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Could a Kick to an augmented breast have damaged the implant?

Minor trauma to the breast is unlikely to cause damage to a breast implants. Implants were engineered to withstand much higher compression forces. However, if the implant s old and has been weakened by years of compressions and decompressions a large enough sudden compression old case impant rupture. If you have any concerns you should see your Plastc surgeon. An ultrasound or MRI may be needed. 

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