Hair has receded and caused me to be unhappy with my appearance: What am I to expect with hair transplants? (Photo)

The masculine appearance caused by the hairline has caused me to become very unhappy with myself and I'm looking to recreate the lower feminine hairline. The 'estimate' hairline I drew in is approximately 42cm squared, or 36cm squared if you don't count the widows peak and slight temple bits... What am I to expect in regards to transplant density and graft numbers to repair my hairline? Thank you.

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Hair loss

If you are diagnosed with genetic pattern hair loss and you have good donor hair, then under the hands of an experienced hair transplant  specialist you can expect a very natural result. It is important to do your home work for choosing your doctor.

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You need an examination to find out why you are losing hair before thinking about surgery.

You need an examination to find out why you are losing hair before thinking about surgery.  Women's hair loss is more complicated than the typical male pattern balding.  You need to see a doctor and find out why you are losing hair (get a diagnosis).  Only then you can consider treatment options.

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Female hairline

Please make sure that you understand there are if different techniques with hair transplant that ultimately lead to very different visible results.  

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The importance of diagnosing the cause, factors to consider for a female hair transplant, and stopping further hair loss

Statistically, it is estimated that 30% of women under the age of 50 and 50% of women over the age of 50 have hair loss. When a woman comes to our practice with hair loss, we don’t discuss surgery
to create their desired look, but first look at the cause. It may be caused by genetic or traction alopecia which is because of wearing tight pony tails and tight braids. In addition, we also systemically assess the patient for hormonal and nutritional factors. Prior to a transplant, a proper workup must be done to establish the medical basis of a hair loss.

Any experienced hair transplant surgeon can give you an estimate as to how many hairs it will take to fill an area. However, you have to think about the future and where your hair may be progressing. For example, in males who had hair transplants have continued hair loss, which leaves these hair plugs on their scalp from transplanted hair, and the native hair around is lost.

In a hair transplant procedure, you shouldn’t consider only the density or number of hairs. The diameter or the caliper of the hair is an important factor. People with thick hair have thicker hair because of the diameter of each hair strand and this covers more of the scalp. A person with fine blonde hair needs more grafts to cover an area compared to someone who has dark and thick hair. In addition, we try to do as much as we can with a transplant, but it is typical to need more than just one transplant in order to get the maximal density to mimic what nature creates. When a male has a transplant, it is acceptable to have less density. For women, they need a lot of density or otherwise the hairs look too far apart and create an artificial look.

Placing a hair graft is literally placing an organ. It is a combination of the hair shaft, the follicle and the tissue around that area. A graft needs proper blood supply and in order for the blood supply to reach the graft, there has to be coverage around the area. Covering 4 sides of the graft with good circulation is necessary for the grafts to take. When there are many grafts in an area, a certain amount of those grafts are not going to survive because they don’t get enough nutrition.

In our practice, when we do transplant, we use a material called or extracellular matrix that helps aid in the healing as well as in treating the thinning process. The only currently approved FDA drug for female hair loss is minoxidil. A lot of women have been coming to us to have Hair Regeneration treatment. Our Hair Regeneration treatment is the combination of extracellular matrix with platelet-rich plasma to maximize the benefit of a transplant by increasing the longevity of existing hair. If there’s a thinning process going in, the thinning process is stabilized, reversed and the hairs are thickened. If you are getting a transplant, you want to get the maximal yield of the transplant in terms of survival of the grafts as well as the stability of your thinning process. I hope that was helpful, I wish you the best of luck, and thank you for your question.

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Hair loss temples - women

Check with an experienced hair loss physician who treats alot of women to exclude hair loss conditions that also cause temporal hair loss (but can not be transplanted!). This includes telogen effluvium (a classic cause of hair loss in the temples) and traction alopecia as well as a few others too. 

With 1000-1500 grafts you would have a nice density, and a second session could always be done to maximize frontal thickness. 

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
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Masculine hairline

I assume you are female and want the thickest looking feminine shaped hairline possible . If you have good hair behind the thin hair coverage we see, an expanded assisted hairline lowering process is the best way to solve your problem giving you  the thickest hair possible in the shortest period of time. You would need two operations 8 weeks apart. 

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Hairline reconstrujction and lowering in women

On my website, there are great pictures of hair transplant lowering procedures in women on our Home Page and in our gallery on our website (see below), you can see hundreds of men who had their hairline replaced, lowered or improved. Even my wife has done this and she comes to our monthly open hose to show it off. 

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