Female Age 21, Suffering From Hair Loss For 2yrs. What Can I Do? (photo)

hi im a 21 years old girl , i have been suffering of hair loss about 2 years , but no to much , few month ago my hair loss get stronger , and im scare i dont wanne loss my hair , and my hair pricks please if you can help me i will be happy ..

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Female Hair Loss in Young Women

Twenty-one is young to be struggling with female pattern baldness (though not impossible). You need to seek counsel from your doctor and possibly a dermatologist to run some tests and find out the cause. Hair loss can be a symptom of serious illness.

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Hair Loss in 21 year-old female

Your best option is to see a board-certified dermatologist for complete evaluation. There are many possible causes of hair loss, including anemia, thyroid disease, androgenetic alopecia, etc. Many causes of hair loss are very treatable, but first, one needs to determine the cause through examination and possibly some laboratory tests. Dermatologists are trained in diagnosis and treatment of hair loss so that would be your best option. Good luck.

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