Why are my gums still swollen after removing the metal from my crowns?

My gums have been swollen for 4 years just on my upper 4 front teeth. Went to see several dentists and had them removed because i could be allergic to the metal or ill fitting. I am now in temps for 2 months and they are still swollen. Doctor doesnt know why. I had gum laser and I floss and clean well, but just that area is swollen. Whats the problem? Could it be the metal posts? The acrylic I could ALSO allergic to?? -feeling hopeless

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Continued Swelling after Crown Removal

Due to the fact that you are still swollen there may be a chase you are sensitive to the temporary material as well. However, sometimes if you are a mouth breather the gums can present very red and irritated. Also another option is your doctor is not sure is to see an allergist.

Why are my gums still swollen after removing the metal from my crowns?

It probably had no bearing on having metal posts inside the tooth. If you are allergy prone, you may have been having a hypersensitivity reactions to the metal in the crowns, especially if the metal in your old crowns was not a precious or semi-precious metal. At this stage, it may be a reaction to the temporary material. Also, if your temporaries are not extremely smooth and well fitting, that alone could cause gum irritation.

If your dentist is stumped, then might be time to get a second opinion from a periodontist, a dentist who specialists in gum and bone disease around teeth.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

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