Are my Gums Healing Well? Preparing for Implant and Crown (Middle Tooth) (photo)

The tooth was extracted 10 days ago -had some bone loss before and during the extraction.Are my gums healing normally?Will these vertical cuts/dents heal? Will they get back to their previous shape/height ? Bone grafting was done. There is some spacing between the temp tooth and gums currently which is slightly bothersome as every time I drink or swallow the hole acts like a vaccum and it pulls on my lips. I was wondering if the bone/gums will grow in. (The white stuff are dissolvable stitches).

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Yes it appears to be healing well at 10 days post operative procedure.  As you continue to heal it should continue to look beter and better; before you know it you will have a beautiful final result.

Hollywood Dentist

Extraction, Bone Graft and Healing

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This is what an extraction and bone graft site typically looks like at 10 days. The space under your fake tooth will not fill in with more bone or tissue. If anything it will shrink a little more as it heals (which is okay). Your dentist will need to add to the bottom of the middle tooth to fill the gap and create the proper form of the gum. This is critical in order to get a good gum level and contour for the final implant and crown. Make sure you keep the area clean including under the middle fake tooth.  

Thomas R. Froning, DDS
Littleton Dentist

Gum Healing Prior to Implant

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Yes, those vertical "stitch lines" will heal. As far as the rest of the anatomy goes, it will continue to heal and look better. Only your dentist can try to predict how the area will finally heal. Did he prepare an "ovate" pontic site? Will the implant crown actually look like it is growing out of the gums like all your other natural teeth, or will it look like it's sitting on top of the gum? A true cosmetic dentist will have planned ahead for this.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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