My Gummy Bear/cohesive Gel Implants Have Always Felt Hard, Why?

From day one these things have felt hard and immobile. After about a year I noticed a bubble on my left breast, not sure why or how that got there. Then one day my boyfriend was laying on top of me and I felt a squishing shift in my right breast that felt like the contents of the implant squirted out and it instantly felt softer. Do you think the implant ruptured or broke up scar tissue? Since then it has hardened again, still feels lopsided but appears normal. Axillary incision under fascia.

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Why gummy bear breast implants feel harder

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Thank you for your question. If you have form stable textured gummy bear breast implants they normally feel harder than smooth walled silicone implants. However the pop and softening you describe sounds like you may have capsular contracture. See your plastic surgeon.They

Gummy bear implants feel hard

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The more cohesive the gel, the firmer the texture of a breast implant, and as the gummy bear implant mantains its shape or is 'form stable' the implant will feel stiffer than othe implants. It sounds however like you might have a capsular contracture that let go with pressure, and reformed so let your surgeon have a look.

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Hard "gummy bear" implants

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There is confusion about the "gummy bear" term for implants. The actual "gummy bear" implants or the proper medical term is form stable cohesive implants are supposed to be harder then the more common cohesive silicone gel implants that are softer. If you have the form stable implants they should have been firmer from the start. If you have the softer cohesive gels you may have developed a capsular contracture. 

I recommend seeing your surgeon to get evaluated.


Good luck

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