My Grandson Was Playing Soccer and Got an Elbow to His Forehead. Now Has a Depression?

Taken to the ER where a CT showed he has a fracture of the frontal sinus. He received 3 stiches to close up a laceration. His forehead now shows a depression and we are seeing an ENT . My question is surgery seems to be necessary, however can an ENT do this alone or should other doctors be involved. Please help scared to death for my child.!!!

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Fractured frontal sinus

An ENT surgeon is trained to fix a frontal sinus fracture. You may want to find one who also trained in plastic surgery to ensure they make the most cosmetically acceptable incisions and perform a proper closure. Not all surgeons are as picky about this aspect of facial surgery and it shows later on.

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Frontal sinus fracture management

Most ENT doctors are trained in sinus and facial fractures.  If it is a simple depressed fracture of the front wall of the sinus it is a relatively easy repair.  Ask the surgeon what their experience is managing this injury.  It is very important to make sure that the posterior frontal sinus wall has no displaced fractures as that would involve opening into the sinus, removing the mucous membrane, and either filling it with fat or completely removing the back wall and allowing the brain to move forward obliterating the space to prevent future mucocele formation.

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Fracture frontal sinus is the specialty of an ENT surgeon. As for elevation of the bone and fixation in position that would depend on the surgeon. If he /she is not comfortable or you have question then ask the surgeon directly.For the bone fixation may ask a craniofacial surgeon or a plastic surgeon

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