Is my Gortex Chin Implant Malpositioned? I Can Feel It on One Side Inside my Mouth.

I had a gortex chin implant placed 5 days ago and I think it must have shifted. Yesterday I started feeling discomfort on one side of my mouth and last night I realized I can feel the wing of the implant pushing out from my gums just below my molars on my left side. It's supposed to be hugging my jaw line. I'm worried this could damage my teeth and/or cause a serious infection if it breaks through my gum tissue. Will it settle back down or do I need a revision? Waiting to hear from my doctor.

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Malposition Gortex Chin Implant

Any question this early after a surgery should be address by your surgeon.  That being said, you should not feel the implant through you mouth.  I would have an evaluation to ensure that you are actually feeling the implant and not something else, swelling, suture, incision line, etc.  If it is malpositioned, it will likely need to be replaced into a better position.  

Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Malpositioned Chin Implant

If you can feel the wing of your implant near your gumline, the chin implant is definitely malpositioned. It should be nowhere near the vestibule inside your lip. I suspect you chin implant was placed through an intraoral approach with this problem. I would return to see your surgeon immediately.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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