Compression Garment with Cut Outs for the Buttocks: Will This Compromise How the BBL Results End Up?

I had a bbl on Fri along with a modified t tuck and the dr put a 1 piece garment on me with cut outs on the butt where he injected the fat. I feel that by wearing it day and night my rear looks weird, it's not round ie the fat is only staying on top where it was injected. Do I need to change into spanx for an even disbursement or did he not inject the fat correctly? Does the fat travel down from the original injection site and fill in the gaps or does it stay where it was injected?

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Compression garments and BBL

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At just a few days post Brazilian butt lift, it is not unusual for the injection sites to look somewhat weird or uneven.  However, if you feel your garment is displacing the fat or causing a crease to form, be sure to check back with your surgeon for their advice.  Best wishes.

Garment after BBL

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I think that you need to ask your surgeon about the garment. I know that some have used cut outs, but many garments are now made specifically for BBL.

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