What Can Be Done About my Gaps and Baby Teeth? (photo)

My canine teeth are still my milk teeth. Apparently I won't get adult teeth come through because there's no root. They're smaller and a different shade to the other teeth so I'd like them pulled. Would that be the best option? I thought that if I had them pulled, I could then have a bridge joined to larger crowns for my lateral incisors, which would create bigger teeth so the main diastema could be closed with crowns? Then maybe composite bonding to close the lower gaps? Any advice appreciated.

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Gaps and Baby Teeth

There are many restorative options which the other doctors have already addressed.  I would seriously consider your orthodontic options first.  Without a stable bite and proper profile for the teeth, restorative options will be a challenge.

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Smile for a day or smile for a decade.....

A new smile is a beautiful gift to yourself and something you'll be proud of everyday! That being said, there are many things to think about in a case like your.  Gum issues, tongue thrusting, ortho issues, many missing adult teeth and possibly loss of vertical in your smile.  For a long term answer I would think about implants if your bone is of the proper quality.  Then, a combo restorative case of crowns and implants would be in sight.

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Closing large gaps between teeth

You should consult with both an experienced cosmetic dentist as well as one or two orthodontists familiar with bite issues to make an informed decision.  From your photos, it appears that your front teeth (both top and bottom) are flared out considerably and there are quite a few gaps between them.  A possible solution may be to orthodontically move the front teeth back which will reduce the flare and will make the gaps much smaller or possible even close them.  As far as your baby canines, depending on the amount of bone, implants would be a nice option since you wouldn't have to have the adjacent teeth involved.  Hope this helps.

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Dental Implants

I would give a bridge in your situation a life expectancy of about 5 years. Implants are a great option. Before you do that though, you should see a very experienced restorative dentist. The flare of your teeth is only going to get worse and cause worse problems down the road. I guess what I am trying to say is that this is not a cosmetic problem. It is an underlying functional problem causing a cosmetic problem.

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