What Do I Do About my Gaps in My Teeth? (photo)

as the topic tells the story i have gap between my two teeth but is not too large(thank god) i have the same series following till my canine and it looks balances as my teeth are almost straight after each teeth theres a small amount of gap. When i laugh or smile all the teeth looks like a white board with black marker on it. please doctors suggest something i also have my front row of teeth pulled up slightly

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Best Way to Close Spaces in Teeth

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In many cases, excessive spacing between teeth can indicate congenitally missing teeth (meaning you were born without them) or teeth that have been removed by a dentist. In my opinion, the least invasive and most conservative way to close these spaces is with a combination of Invisalign and cosmetic bonding. Since every treatment plan is specific to the patient, I would recommend scheduling a consultation with a dentist that specializes in cosmetic dentistry as well as Invisalign for a more personalized treatment plan. 

New York Dentist

Gaps can be easily fixed

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You have many choices for your gaps in your teeth.  Number one- Go see an orthodontist to see if you are a good candidate for braces.  Number 2-Go see a cosmentic dentist and discuss 'bonding' or 'veneering' your teeth.  What I do is take molds and have a diagnostic wax up done to see what you would look like with the spaces closed.  You look at it and decide if you like it and go from there-good luck-

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

What to do about gaps?

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Spacing or diastemas or gaps can be improved on by bonding adding tooth color filling materials on to teeth $100-$600 per tooth or veneers or crowns covering the tooth surface wit procelain $900-2000.00 per tooth or orthodontics $2250.00-7000.00 usually will take between 6 months and 2 yrs. The reason for the range is the expertise by the doctor and materials and time. Good luck


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD     CEO Baystate Dental PC

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
Springfield Dentist

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Braces with vaneers or vaneers

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Picture was not as clear as I would like to give more detailed suggestions. I recommend consultation with the dentist to discuss your goals. I usually prefer combination of braces and vaneers to get best esthetic and functional results but if braces is not an option then crowns and vaneers can bring the results you want depending upon your teeth position,shape,length etc. Best of luck


Adnan Saleem, DMD
Frisco Dentist

Tooth spacing

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It is very difficult to give you any advice based off of the picture you posted, it is very small.  There are a few things that can be done with spacing.  I would recomend contacting both an orthodontist and a cosmetic dentist.  Get consultations from both, they should both be able to give you good options for achieving your goals.

Don W. Ririe, DDS
Portland Dentist

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