Is my Gap Too Big to Be Bonded Together? (photo)

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Gap Between Front Two Teeth

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Bonding can always be placed, however due to the placement of your teeth I believe you would be very unhappy with the results. Orthodontics would be the best option.

Natick Dentist

Gap on front teeth

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Yes, its to big to be bonded,if you want something almost natural,

you should think about getting 4 veneers,this will make the merging profile more natural and they will look nice and even,shape,size ,color,

and it takes 8 days to perform sonething like this.

What is the best way to close the large gap between my upper front teeth?

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If you dentist just bonded your two front teeth, those two teeth will be way out of proportion to the rest of your teeth.  Remember the Jim Carey movie about the Grinch, and all the actors had huge front teeth?  I'm sure you don't want to end up looking like that!

The best treatment would be to do orthodontics, possibly invisalign, and even out the spaces between your upper four front teeth.  Then bonding might work to close the spaces.

However, if you won't do orthodontics, then four porcelain veneers (not just direct composite bonding) would be the best way to treat your large spacing.

You might want to review the web site below that has articles on tooth spacing treatments.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

Small gap in between misaligned front teeth

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Due to misalignment of your teeth, bonding will not give you good aesthetic results unless you get more teeth done, which will not be conservative approach. Orthodontics, possible Invisalign will be the best choice. 

Hema Patel, DDS
Fremont Dentist


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I really don't think that bonding would give you a successful result.  The teeth would be too large and not lokk right.  Simple orthodontics might be a better solution.

Michael Montalbano, Jr., DDS
Baton Rouge Dentist

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