Can I Get my Front Teeth Filed a Bit, and Bond my Small Lateral Incisors? (photo)

I hate my teeth, and as a recent graduate, I feel very insecure when I'm trying to make an impression. What can be done, and what would the expected cost be? Since I'm about to go to college, i don't have that much money.

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Yes, small re-contouring and bonding may be a good solution

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I would assume you are around 18yr old.  Based on you photos (nice photos), what you suggested is exactly what I would do. However, I would not file down your perfectly healthy front teeth. I would maybe level out the edges and maybe round the corners a bit (depends if male or female) but I would not shorten them. In my opinion, they are the correct lenght.

If you then bond the laterals it will reduce the prominence of the front teeth. The best thing about all this is that it is reversible and your teeth will be untouched. You can have a mock bonding done to see what it will look like before comitting to the case. Also, your bite has to be looked at to see if it will allow this to be done.

The only downside is that bonding can chip and may need some maintenance. The other option is veneers on the laterals which are more durable but more expensive and non-reversible. You can always have this done later when you are older and have more money.

Good luck

Dr. T

Miami Beach Dentist

Front Teeth Filed and Small Laterals Bonded

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The answer to your question involves a lot more than a simple yes or no. A lot depends on how your upper and lower teeth meet (Occlusion) with eachother. Assuming that is under control, than it does appear that a combination of additive bonding on your laterals and cosmetic recontouring of your centrals and possibly your cuspids (canines) will provide a more economic way to improve your smile. Expect to pay a few hundred per tooth bonded, and slightly less per tooth contoured, if done by a true "cosmetic" dentist. Ask to see photos of other patients previously treated.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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