My Front Teeth Are Very Broad. I Also Want Them a Bit Inclined Inside Too?

my front teeth are very broad.i also want them a bit inclined inside too.i got crowns over my front 4 teeth but their inclination was nt much improved because the lower ones are not allowing as they are also inclined out.i want an asthetic solution 4 this.should i get all my front 6 upper and lower teeth extracted and get implants ?so that they width and inclination could be improved?

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Broad and Inclined Front Teeth

Extracting all your front teeth and replacing with implants is a very drastic solution. I do NOT recommend it. First look into orthodontic movement of the teeth prior to capping them.

New York Dentist

Don't like new crowns

Sounds like the dentist did the best he/she could given the position of the teeth. Some minor orthodontics prior to the crowns could have achieved your goals. It may be possible to do some orthodontics upper and lower with the existing crowns but that could be risky requiring replacement of the crowns. The most important issue is to always clarify all the goals for patient and doctor prior to any esthetic procedure. Good luck.


Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist
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