What can I do about my front teeth? (photo)

Hi I have long been concerned about my front teeth, I have a missing lateral incisor (currently baby tooth remains) and my front teeth are jagged. I have been told that dental bonding would prevent my back teeth from touching correctly, which seems odd as my teeth have worn to this look. I will need a bridge at some point, however is there anything else I can do to resolve this. Also if I were to get the bridge can dental bonding be don't to this bridge. Basically I am not clear on my options.

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What can I do about my front teeth?

Your biggest problem is an underdeveloped upper arch. The best way to resolve your problem is developing your upper arch. This can be done nicely with a removable appliance. After development of your upper arch braces will resolve most of your other issues and then your missing lateral incisor can be replaced with an implant.

Good luck!

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