Dents On Top of Saline Implants, Never Seen it This Bad?

There really bad and deep it looks like a under filled bag of saline inside of her breast's. She used to have Old Silicone implants. She has very thin skin and she is losing faith in her current surgeon. these indention are very deep IT looks like her skin trace's the saline bag and there hard, even for saline. She I squeeze her breast where the implant is the indention's go away, till I let go than reappears What would you normally do to fix this problem? her placement is under the muscle.

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Dents On Top Of Saline Implants

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Most likely one of the implants is leaking. If it's that bad, you have lost a lot of breast tissue. This requires observation. If it continues getting worse, then it is a leak of the implant and you will know yourself if you are loosing weight in the breast area. Most often the implant has to be removed and replaced.

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Severe rippling

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Based on what you wrote/your question, I am assuming the primary issue is severe rippling/loose skin.   It also sounds like you currently have saline implants under the muscle.  Without a physical exam, it is impossible to make any recommendations.  However, options to improve your current condition include transition to a silicone gel implant, tightening up any loose skin with a lift, an internal support with a dermal matrix, or even fat grafting.  However, please visit with a board certified PS to learn more about your options.  Best of luck.

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If the implants are under the muscle, then changing to silicone is an option for rippling or adding in a biologic mesh such as alloderm, flexHD, strattice, the list goes on. 

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