My Friend Got a BBL Done That Did Not Cost More Than 5,000. Is This Possible on a Payment Plan? (photo)

I do not have the best credit but I would like to be on an affordable payment plan. Is it possible to find a surgeon that will do a good BBL for no more than 5,000? I would like to pay a certain amount upfront and pay the rest after the procedure. I live in miami and Im looking for a good surgeon with a great price that can work with me and my situation. Is there a surgeon out there that can help me and give me their opinion.

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Brazilian Buttlift for $5000

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   Most Brazilian buttlift specialists use general anesthesia so that a large amount of fat can be liposuctioned and transferred while the patient is comfortable.  The OR fees and anesthesia fees for a 2 hour procedure may be $2000 or more, and that is assuming the surgeon is fast enough to perform the surgery in 2 hours.  The lowest fee I know of is $6500.  Find the surgeon with best credentials who has performed hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts.

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