Should I get my filler cut out?

In October, a board certified dermatologist put filler in my face in a way that is deforming. It has been five months, and I see no progress in this Perlane's degradation. A dermatologist at a hospital suggested we could cut it out. (Hyaluronidase not an option for me due to extreme chemical sensitivities). Would my face look normal again after cutting this out? (If they can put the cuts on the inside of the cheek) Has anyone seen this done before?

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Cutting out filler

The ONLY thing I can say is that you may want to attempt to have a small nick put in the area and the physician can try to manipulate some of the filler out of the skin. I usually never recommend this, but if you can't get hyaluronidase, then I guess this is what I would say. A small nick would leave a tiny mark only. Do not do a big excision - that will leave excessive scarring. The nicks need to be where the filler is located - most likely on the surface and not in the mouth. Your other, and maybe best option, is to have a tiny amount of hyaluronidase injected behind your ear and see if you have some type of reaction. If not, go with that instead.

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