Most of my Fat is Deposited on my Buttocks Making my Body Look a Bit Disfigured. Liposuction or Personal Trainer (Gym)?

Hello, I am 21 years old, 175 cm tall and 78 kilos. My problem is that almost all of my fat gets deposited on my buttocks, and this makes my body look disfigured (especially when looking sideways) which negatively affects my morale and almost all people that I know notice this which makes my feel worse. I was thinking of 2 options that I need your advice on what to choose: Should I hire certified personal trainer in a prestigious gym, or have liposuction with a certified plastic surgeon?

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The answer is it depends. Diet, exercise and a trainer can get you fit and help you lose weight overall but it cannot spot reduce specific areas of fat. If you only want your buttocks reduced in size quickly while keeping the same weight and same amount of fat in other areas of the body your best bet would be liposuction. If you don't care about your weight or maintaining fat distribution in other areas of the body diet,or how long it takes to achieve the end result exercise and trainer is probably a better option.

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Big Butts need both Liposuction and Exercise/Diet!

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Most patients with large rear ends will benefit most with liposuction and diet and exercise. The liposuction will give the immediate improvement that everyone wants to see and will then motivate them to lose more weight through exercise and diet which will allow you to keep the new fabulous shape. It is easy to undergo under local anesthesia with being back to work in 2 days, exercising in 1 week and about $5000 on special for a new you. Sincerely,

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Liposuction and Gym for Better Buttocks

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   Without an exam, this would be hard to recommend.  In general, the buttocks can be liposuctioned, but care must be exercised so as not to create a saggy buttock or loose skin inferiorly.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Liposuction or Gym

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I like your question, specifically the way it’s worded. At my plastic surgery practice, I maintain a focus on Health and Wellness and encourage patients not to view plastic surgery as a substitute for proper diet and exercise. Liposuction could absolutely remove excess fat from your buttocks, but I would suggest starting with the personal trainer. Join a gym and give it some time. Don’t just do the exercises—be sure to eat healthy as well. Then, if you aren’t seeing any results, you can discuss cosmetic surgery with a board certified plastic surgeon. Many of my patients have “stubborn fat” that doesn’t respond to even the best diet and exercise efforts, but at your age, you should see results after spending some time working out.

Exercise or Liposuction for Large Buttocks

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Your BMI (Body Mass Index) shows that you are only slightly overweight.

That is excellent. Your proportions need to change.

Ideally you would have liposuction and to keep the fat from returning, have a trainer who helps you increase your aerobic exercise and muscle.

This will remove the excess buttock fat and keep fat from returning afterwards.

If you don't want to do both, start with the trainer.

Buttock liposuction requires skill. Removing too much leaves the buttocks flabby.

If you see a plastic surgeon, chose someone cautious, with experience.

Best wishes.


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