Can my facial symmetry be improved? Specifically my eyebrows and jaw. (photo)

There is obvious asymmetry of the eyebrows (which cannot really be corrected through make up) and the jaw. It is most obvious when my face is completely relaxed as in this photo. Would a unilateral eyebrow lift correct this? My teeth line up well, with the lower jaw maybe a millimeter to the right; however the jaw looks far too large on the left side of my face. My lips are also over to the right slightly. Would jaw surgery correct this?

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Facial asymmetry improved?Eyebrows and jaw?

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From your photos, it would be unwise to attempt to create perfect brow symmetry with browlifting procedures.I see that there is slight deviation of the jaw to the right which makes the right jawline appear more full and the left jawline less full.Conservative fat(stem cell) grafting along the left jawline may camouflage the asymmetry and make the jaw APPEAR more symmetric. This would be the most conservative and least traumatic option for you:)

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Facial asymmetry

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Unilateral or asymmetric brow lift can be performed. This may improve things. The jaw asymmetry may be improved more simply with implants than boney surgery.

Thomas Romo, III, MD, FACS
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Minor Facial Asymmetries

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When there are relatively minor amounts of facial asymmetry, any form of surgery is usually fraught with lack of achieving precision. Often the result may be as much the other way (over correction) than spot on. As a result, a unilateral browlift or corrective jaw surgery is not worth the risk or expense.

Facial Symmetry

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Everyone has some degree of facial asymmetry.  There are several options, including non-surgical and surgical options that can improve your symmetry.  It is best to consult with a board certified specialist in the face who can assist you with achieving the results you seek.  3-dimensional computer imaging can also help you visualize what you might look like afterwards and serve as an important tool for communicating with your surgeon.  

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Can my facial symmetry be improved? Specifically my eyebrows and jaw.

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I agree with the previous expert posters that you are NOT a candidate for surgery. You might try BOTOX in very very low dose to try and correct the brow issue as well as the left massester enlargement... 

Facial asymmetry ?

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You  have a completely normal facial appearance. There isn't a person alive with perfect facial symmetry. In fact, plastic surgeons have taken photographs and matched mirror images of the face, and  found that perfect  symmetry produces a very peculiar look. I would not recommend any  surgery in your situation.

Please be kind to yourself

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You have a very pretty face and nobody but you would focus on any significant asymmetry there. Please don't even consider any kind of surgery and please understand that minor asymmetry is present in absolutely everyone. My hope is for you to love your face, know that you are very attractive and smile often. 

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