My Facial Plastics Guy Refused to Give Me my Pre and Post Op Photos. What Can I Do?

I need my pre and post op photos and the surgeon has refused to deliver. His secretary said those are "his records." I went to another surgeon who also requested the records, and he refused. Those are my records, aren't they? What should I do to get them? Thank you for your help.

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In California, you are entitled to your medical records.

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California law says that those medical records including the photographs belong to you.  Once you provide a written request for your medical records, your doctor must provide them within 7 days.  Failure to provide these records is a violation of the business and profession codes.  This can lead to fines and sanctions.  You might let the office know that if they do not comply, you will report them to the California Medical Board.  If they still don't comply , you should report them to the Board.  Go on line and you will be able to fill out and file an on line complaint with the California Medical Board.  The Medical Board can help you obtain your records and if necessary will take action against the doctor.

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