My Face is Uneven 1 Month Post Lipo of Chin and Neck?

I had liposuction of the chin and neck and my left side is still swollen and its not symetrical with the right my left seems to droop Also i still talk funny.. Is this normal after 1 month??

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Asymmetry of Neck After Liposuction

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A post operative picture would be very helpful.  Since no picture was provided, I will attempt to give you some possibilities to consider.  One, it is possible that uneven liposuction was done and a touch up might be necessary.  Two, there is uneven scarring and a speedy resolution to this problem could be accomplished by therapeutic ultrasound (the kind used by physical therapists on sore muscles).  The neck responds very quickly to ultrasound therapy.  Three, it is possible you were asymmetric prior to liposuction, and the removal of the superficial fat made this more obvious.  This is unlikely but always possible.


Of much greater concern is the fact that you say the left side of your chin/neck is droopy and your speech is abnormal.  This can sometimes be due to injury to the Marginal Mandibular Nerve on the affected side.  Less common but also possible is injury to the Facial Nerve to the Plastysma Muscle which can also lead to droopiness and speech impediment on the affected side.


These are questions you should take to your plastic surgeon.  The good news about nerve injury to the facial musculature is that they almost always resolve with time.  The use of a nerve stimulator can often hasten the recovery of injured nerves and musculature.


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