My face isn't symmetrical, what is wrong with my eyes? And can i do something about them, if anything? (photo)

Well, my left one is lower than the other and it really bothers me. Rarely anyone has ever said to me like: "Hey, isn't your one eye lower than the other?". Some people have even said that i have beautiful eyes, i really would like to believe that, but i can't, they aren't symmetrical and they are ugly for me )they may be beautiful separately, but they aren't symmetrical) What can i do about them, if anything? And what is wrong with them?

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You to have a physical asymmetry.

That does not mean that surgery will be right for you.  In reading your concerns, I wonder if you might suffer from body dystrophic disorder.  This is characterized by an abnormal preoccupation with a minor flaw.  The determining factor are how much of your thoughts are preoccupied by these concerns.  Another is avoidance of social situations because of concerns about what others are thinking about you.  If this sounds familiar, you might benefit from working with a psychologist rather than the surgeon.

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