Why is my Face Still Swollen a Month After Vitrase Injections to Dissolve Juvaderm Ultra Plus?

I had 1.5 vials of Juvaderm Ultra Plus injected in cheeks 6 months ago.I wasn't happy with results and received multiple vitrase injections over a period of 3 months..6 injections total and my face has still not returned to its pre filler look. Is it possible the juvaderm ultra plus is still in there or is my face inflamed from so many injections?.Does the inflammation eventually go away?

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Inflammation source

The source of your inflammation is mildly confusing at this point, is it related to the original injection or to the follow up procedures?

I cannot answer this and would advise caution with preceding if your results are unsatisfactory.

I would suggest you follow up with a reliable board certified cosmetic dermatologist if you do not see resolution.

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