Why is my face sagging? Im only 20 Which procedure/s would help? Cost? Any other useful input please ! (photo)

Im 20 years old and I noticed recently that my face does not look my age. It's not very elastic and I seem to be forming jowls. I have small lips, and it almost seems as I my whole lower Hal of my face sags. I dont smoke or drink and i never have so i dont exactly know why my skin is so bad. my sibling have really nice skin, which is another reason im confused. I need advice on which treatment could be useful and any other helpful input you could give me. Thanks :)

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Why is my face sagging?

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Hello Me12347,
It can’t be seen in the photo whether the condition of your skin is bad or not. You should ask a skin specialist concerning this. Nothing should be changed on your face. Everyone has a unique face, as you also do. I find your face, particularly its shape, quite interesting.

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