My Face is Having Hyperpigmentation After Chemical Peel. Could my Face Healed by Itself? How Long Does It Takes? (photo)

i got my face peeled 9 months ago , I was having really bad hyperpigmentation. Now , the hyperpigmentation is lighten but still can be seen under bright light. I'm not having any medication even sun screen. I wash my face twice a day with cetaphyl. I have a bad oily face. My question is could my hyperpigmentation healed / faded as it used to be? because my face now is turning like a zebra. and How long does it takes to heal without having any medication ? the contrast is at my mandible (lower jaw

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I would recommend seeing an aesthetician or a dermatologist to address your hyperpigmentation. Usually this type of discoloration that can be treated but your care provider will be able to give you the best treatment recommendation after consulting with you. Make sure you are wearing an spf of 30 or greater for protection; sun can aggravate pigmentation and make it worse.

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Hyperpigmentation after a chemical peel

You should consult a board certified dermatologist to assess your hyperpigmentation.  You must use sunscreen SPF 50+ daily and avoid the sun as much as possible.  Fading creams, peels and laser treatments may be appropriate for you but please see a dermatologist for the best advice.

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