My face is so asymmetrical look like i had an stroke, I'm 25. How can I fix it? (Photo)

Ok my eyes?? i have glaucome and lost an eye when i was a kid and have microphytalmia.. so thats why they are ugly if there is any way to fix it id appreacite to know but the rest of my face is pretty assymetric , my nose, mouth, cheekbones and etc, when i smile its even more assymetric im just 25 just graduated from Medicine and looking at the invitations to my graduation cerimonies i am the ugliest girl. Anything can be done? Im desesperate PS sorry for the english im brazilian

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Facial asymmetry

Doctor, your English is great!  It sounds like you have good reason for facial asymmetries with the issues as a child.  You need to be seen by a surgeon well versed in facial and cranial asymmetries.  A CT scan will be done to define the bony asymmetries and plans made to either add tissue with implants and/or cut areas of the facial bones to place them in better position.  Acrylic computer-generated models from the CT scan data can be very helpful in this process.  Soft tissue adjustments to your eyelid/eye brow regions and mouth can possibly be done as well.  Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

By the way, you look very pretty in the photo, and congratulations on graduation.

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