My Face and My Jaw is So Uneven. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

Please give me advice with how to fix my jaw.. when i open my mount wide and move my jaw from left to right, there's a rubbing of bone.. and it is so wyrd. it has been like this for about 3 or more years.. i hope you can lead me. thank you.

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TMJ dysfunction

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Your lower jaw is connected to the base of your skull via a joint called temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This joint is cushioned by a cartilage called articular disc. This disc is secured in the joint space by a system of ligaments. If there is a derangement of this ligament system either by trauma or anatomical disfigurement (eg. arthritis, congential pathology), you will experience problems such as clicking noise, pain, discomfort, inability to open your jaw wide vertically or to slide sideways... 


If you suspect that you have such problem, then I would strongly recommend that you see your dentist for treatment options. Currently, there are no treatment options that can promise you a "cure", as most treatment is palliative only.


Most conservative treatment would involve wearing a dental orthopedic appliance called "nightguard" or "splint" with various designs.


Most invasive treatment for severe joint problem may include arthrocentesis (flushing out of the joint space of debris) and vertical ramus osteotomy of mandible to free up the proximal segment of the mandible where the condyle is located.


Please make an appointment to seek a consultation with your nearest dental professional for more accurate diagnosis and management. Good luck.

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